"Love yourself first, and everything falls into place." - Lucille Ball

What a wonderful quote from the late, great Lucille Ball. 

This month we delve into the topic of self-care. Let's take Lucille Ball's quote to heart by committing to celebrating this Valentine's day by honoring and cherishing ourselves first. Then we'll celebrate and share our love with the ones we adore.

Thanks, Lucy -- we love you! 

It is estimated that we make 35,000 decisions each day…every day.  
Some of those decisions are small such as what to feed your family for dinner, or when you’re going to get the laundry done, whether that bathroom really needs to be cleaned, what you’re going to pick up from the grocery store or what you’re going to accomplish that day.  

Some of those decisions are monumental and life-changing such as a decision to move to a new state, a decision to get married, to get divorced, or to have a baby. Regardless of whether those decisions are small or life-changing, I would guess that for most women, very few of those 35,000 decisions are made with only themselves in mind. We tend to spend our lives making decisions for the benefit of others.  

We decide what to feed our families for dinner based upon what each member likes to eat or will eat. We decide when we’re going to get the laundry done based upon which kids have to be transported to which afterschool activities at what times. We decide whether to clean the bathroom or not based upon how we think a dirty bathroom will reflect upon us in the eyes of others. We decide what to pick up from the grocery store based upon what foods our families enjoy and we decide our daily priority list based entirely upon the needs of our employers and once again, the needs of our families.
We do all this because somewhere along the way we made a life-changing decision to be a wife or to be a mother and in doing so, in that moment, we chose to commit ourselves to a lifetime for others. However, what we seemed to have missed is that committing ourselves to a lifetime for others does not mean neglecting ourselves the process. Consequently, we are stressed out, exhausted, burned out, tired and maybe even a little bit lonely.  
And so I wonder, “what would happen…if”
What would happen if we took just 1 of those 35,000 decisions all to ourselves? You might be thinking, “that’s tough to do” but it’s only tough to do because when we think about doing something just for us, we think big. We think, “I’ll get a massage; I’ll get a facial; I’ll get a manicure or pedicure, or I’ll go shopping all by myself and all for myself.” And there’s nothing wrong with any of that…except that sometimes, it’s just not practical to do. Time, money or both may get in the way.
So maybe in our crazy, busy, over-scheduled lives, we’ve forgotten the magic of small moments….

What would happen if we took just 1 of those 35,000 decisions and decided to take a bubble bath with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, a good book and no interruptions for 20 minutes?
What would happen if we took just 1 of those 35,000 decisions and decided to watch what we want to watch on TV for a half hour or an hour?  
What if we took 1 of those 35,000 decisions and chose to take a walk on a nice evening or spend an hour with a friend? What if we declared that the first 15 minutes after we get home from work is “our time”, a time when there can be no demands, no questions, no talk…just space. What if we chose to meditate for 15 minutes each day?
Maybe, just maybe we’d find ourselves again. We’d have something to look forward to in the course of a day. We’d bring just a little more joy into our lives. We’d reduce the stress and exhaustion, if only by a fraction. We’d feel more cared for and more loved. And in doing so we’d reenergize and rejuvenate and possibly even find ourselves being a better wife, a better mother and a better employee.  
And the irony is that being better comes full circle. Because when we’re a better wife, a better mother, and a better employee, we will make 34,999 better decisions each day.
All you have to do is take one for you. Just 1 out of 35,000. What if…

Peace and blessings,

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