Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019!

Who doesn’t love the idea of the chance to start anew? The year ahead is full of possibilities and promise. Run Inspired Designs is kicking off the new year in high gear with exciting news!

Recently, one of my business mentors suggested that I rebrand the company. Rebrand. That’s a word I hear all the time. And I kind of understand it, at least conceptually. What I know for sure about it is that it’s a huge undertaking. And I also know that before I commit to a huge undertaking, it’s important that I thoroughly understand what it is I’m committing to. Not knowing what else to do, I googled the word; Google says rebranding is to change the corporate image.

Hmmmm….was it time to rebrand?

In 2014 I was an avid runner who used mantras for inspiration to achieve my goals. Although they worked, they had to be written on my arm with a Sharpie pen, which as you know, is notoriously difficult to wash off. There had to be another solution.    

So, I searched for that solution, without success. I looked for anything inspirational, attractive and practical to take with me when I ran. When I couldn’t find anything that fit that criterion, I created it and Run Inspired Designs was born with a few runner girl necklaces. Bracelets and earrings soon followed along with pieces with beaded embellishments.

By 2016, my father’s health began failing and I became his caregiver. Running was put on the back burner while caregiving took front and center. To help with the overwhelming stress and anxiety of dealing with a dying parent, I discovered yoga. 

My father finally passed in January 2018. Creating jewelry helped me through the grieving process. I dabbled with beading and natural gemstones because I read that they are prized by nearly every culture in the world for their healing properties. And if anyone needed healing…I did!  

After all of that, I began to understand that mantras are not just for achieving running goals, they can be used for anything! What would happen if I combined the power of mantras with the healing properties of natural gemstones? It seemed like an unstoppable combination and so my jewelry line grew.

Five years later, I reflected back on my journey from runner to caretaker to jewelry designer and realized that I had changed my image over and over again. I had rebranded me! Suddenly rebranding Run Inspired Designs seemed like the natural next step.

So, as we begin 2019, Run Inspired Designs will become Moonstone Mantra Wear. Why Moonstone Mantra Wear? Because the beautiful iridescent stone is said to bring about good fortune, inspire passion, relax the mind and body and most importantly, enhance feminine power and intuitiveness. In short, it embodies everything I wish to pass on to you through my jewelry as I pour my heart and soul into each piece.

Peace and blessings,


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