Hello and thank you for visiting my shop! I’m Linda, the owner and creator of Moonstone Mantra Wear.

Once upon a time, I was a just an average suburban mom...but then my daughters grew up and that wasn’t who I was anymore.  I had to figure out who I wanted to be in this next chapter of life. So, I started ultra-running. In my late forties, I completed two 100-mile races and several other events of 26.2-mile marathon distance or longer. In the course of doing this, I learned that to be successful required mental toughness, flexibility, determination and the willingness to adhere to a rigorous schedule. It also required adaptability and enough mental sharpness to summon a Plan B or a Plan C when elements occurred beyond my control. It was during these events that I learned about the power of mantras. When I ran, I used a black sharpie to write my mantras on my arm. They reminded me to focus on the end result and they distracted me from the discomfort of the moment. They worked so well that I became passionate about their power, passionate enough to create a line of running jewelry with motivational mantras on every piece. And so in 2014 Run Inspired Designs was born.

But then, as they say, life got in the way, and I had to transform yet again into a different kind of ultra-runner. My father was diagnosed with dementia and his care demanded my full-time focus for several years. Although I was not running in the traditional sense, I was running nonetheless…for my father…and with my father…on what became the final race of his life. During this very difficult time, I found yoga. It helped with the stress, anxiety, and depression I was experiencing.

From there, I began to create jewelry using gemstones with healing and metaphysical properties. Since many runners practice yoga, I thought my business was still fitness-related. However, in time, I began to realize just how wrong I was. Although ultra-running sounds extreme, at its core it is nothing more than setting a goal, believing you can and going for it in the face of obstacles, challenges, and impossibilities. It is simply a representation of life.

When seen in this light it became clear that motivational mantras can help more than just runners or yoga enthusiasts. They can help anyone who faces uncomfortable challenges, no matter what they might be.  Run Inspired Designs then naturally evolved and transformed into Moonstone Mantra Wear Inc.  

While I still advocate an active, healthy outdoor lifestyle, I encourage women to be courageous and strong in pursuing their passions and overcoming their own obstacles. Moonstones are said to be a gem for intuition, balance, and wishes.  They invoke feminine power and energy…but mostly, they perfectly embody the message behind every item you will find in this shop.

Peace and blessings,